Karelian Heritage Shungite Pyramid and Shungite Pendant Stone Protection Set from Russia Gift for Him Her (Tumbled Drop) S003

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  • GENUINE SHUNGITE MINERAL and finest quality from a producer in original packaging of KarelianHeritage with business card
  • THIS SHUNGITE SET includes shungite pyramid 40 mm and a shungite circle pendant.
  • POLISHED SHUNGITE PYRAMID 4 * 4 cm (1.57x1.57 inches) schungit pyramiden, shungit pyramides, Piramide. Weight: 50 gr.
  • SHUNGITE WHOLESALE is possible. Please contact us.
  • Shungite is known to be one of the most effective means against EMF which surrounds us in our daily life due to the advent of electronic devices. Just imagine all the cell phones, computers, fridges, TV sets, tablets you use every day and realize how much you put yourself at risk. Shungite in the form of a pyramid is known to be most effective in terms of its protective properties against EMF.